AMD Bristol Ridge – the calm before the storm


Second biggest manufacturer of desktop CPU’s has been in the shadow of Intel for a long amount of time, and the new Bristol Ridge processors are not going to change that by allot, but there is a word about new Zen architecture that should be presented in the first quarter of the next year and that should finally bring performances on the level of the Intel Core CPU’s, and for a lower price at that.

The Bristol Ridge line of CPU’s, like any other line made by AMD in the last few years, is marked by its high graphic performances, because in every processor there is a built in AMD graphic chip, that is far more superior than Intel. This means that if you are playing any lighter games and you need a bit stronger GPU, and you don’t have resources to buy one, AMD processors are most probably a better choice.


New processors from the A – series, are going to have 12 different models, with the power of 35 to 65 watts. The most powerful one will be the A12-9800 CPU with 4 cores on 3,8 – 4,2 GHz and with a R7 graphic chip, which is a great choice if you want to build a solid desktop machine. AMD also claims that this chip is 17% more powerful than the Intel Core i5-6500 and its graphic performances are better by 99%, but to be sure about that we will need to see some independent tests.


The Bristol Ridge line of processors still doesn’t have any competitors for the highest class, they don’t have any CPU’s equal to the Core i7 series. Also Bristol Ridge processors are based on an already old technology with the size of the transistors at the 28nm mark, Intel last used them 5 years ago.


The most interesting part about these processors is that they are based on the new AM4 socket , on which the Zen (Summit Ridge) CPU’s are going to be based as well. This means that you can buy a Bristol Ridge CPU and motherboard and when the Zen lineup releases you can easily upgrade to them. This socket also supports DDR4 RAM memory, USB 3.1 G2 , NVMe and SATA Express.

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