Hatch – Steam for mobile games

At the Slush conference in Helsinki, Rovio has presented their new project known as Hatch Entertainment, its a revolutionary social platform for mobile games that could be their other big success after Angry Birds.

Hatch’s presenters and the developers have said that their new service is still in early development and that it will have a closed beta launch in the early 2017. This should give them time for further development, flashing out the bugs, and getting more partners to join their project, this should also give them time to think on the final price of the service.

Even though Rovio is the developer of Hatch, they think that their project should be completely separate from their earlier work so it can make interest in allot of other game developers. In the presentation they also explained some of the things that Hatch could do, like changing the way of purchasing and experiencing mobile games by combining their project with others like Twitch, Netflix, Spotify and Facebook.

The app itself will only be available to Android users that instead of downloading the games on their phone, they are going to play them in the app. Rovio believes that their cloud system is built well and is stable enough to handle allot of users, while giving them smooth gaming experience with little to no latency.

Trough Hatch you will be able to call your friends, instantly transforming the game from its single-player into its multi-player mode. They will also be able to stream their gameplay to their friends like on Twitch. You will also be able to record gameplay and attach it on any of your social network pages. Also there will be a feed category where you will receive information on all games that your friends have played and the videos that they have shared.

Its users will be able to pick between around 100 games from around 40 partners like, Bandai Namco, TAITO Corp., Ubisoft Mobile, ustwo Games and many others. Rovio will also be working on some of their games so they can have an even bigger starting library.

One of Hatches higher ups, Vesa Jutila says: “We believe that Hatch will launch a social revolution in mobile gaming. And we will return the fun with even more games”.

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