iPhone 7 and 7 Plus – better camera, waterproof but no headphone jack

Apple just presented two new iPhones, 7 and 7 Plus, they come with allot of new and high quality features compared to older phones in the series, especially when it comes to 7 Plus with its new camera. 7 Plus has two sensors so you can take shallow focus pictures, and in general have much more control over the focus in your pictures.

But lets start from the beginning. The design is generally the same as the older iPhones, but it has new colors, new build and the new antenna that is now placed on the edges of the phone. What we can see from the photos, iPhone 7 has more of a bend on its edges making it look much more cleaner. The new Jet Black color looks really good, its clean, professional and it has an overall luxurious feel to it. The new black color will be available instead of the dark gray color, but the other three colors – silver, golden, and rose gold will stay.


One of the bigger changes in the new iPhone is the “Home” button, it is not a real button anymore, now it has built in 3D Touch. This was done so the phone can become waterproof, and by the IP67 standard at that, which places iPhone next to Samsung’s Galaxy series of phones. This means that you don’t have to worry if this pricey device falls in some water, even if its a pool or sea water. It can survive up to 30 minutes in depth of 1 meter. IP67 also means that sand and dust cannot get inside of the new iPhone so you don’t have to worry if you go to a beach…

But, on the other side, Apple removed the standard headphone jack, from now you will need to use the Lightning jack for that. This has annoyed allot of fans, and just people that follow new things in technology in general. We are mostly fine with the change of removing the now antic headphone jack but if it was changed for a new modern standard of headphone jacks, right now the only way for you to listen to music and charge your phone is to either get a special adapter or buy the new 160$ wireless headphones.


And now for the biggest change is the new cameras. The smaller iPhone 7 will keep its cameras resolution of 12 megapixels but it will get the new f1.8 lens, that means that allot more light can enter the lens now, and it will also have optical stabilization, that is going to improve night photography by a large margin.


But the star of the night is iPhone 7 Plus, with 2 of its cameras. One of cameras is the same as on the regular iPhone 7, with its 28mm focal length, the other having 56 mm of focal length or in other words it has better zoom. Changing from one camera to another is quite smooth so the users can feel like they are using optical zoom. All thought don’t expect much, this is in the end only x2 optical zoom.

Two of the cameras will enable you to take photos with shallow focus. There are already few devices that can do this, some ware more successful than others, but not a single one could do it as good as a professional camera . Knowing Apple and their expertise in this area we expect their system to be much better than the others, from the pictures that we have seen they definitely know what they are doing but its still not on the professional level. Both of the models will have a 7 megapixel front camera for you selfie fans !


New iPhone’s will have the new A10 Fusion processor with 4 cores, this also means that its 50% faster than iPhone 6. And if that’s true than its going to be a big hit to the competition like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, that could only get on the level of the older A9 processor. The CPU is not the only thing that got a major improvement , iPhones GPU is getting some love as well and they will be able to calculate visual effects on the same level as the consoles, and to add to that now you can pick between – 32, 128 and 256GB iPhone models which is great news !


Some changes ware noticed in the displays as well, the size will stay the same 4,7 inches in the smaller and 5,5 inches in the bigger model, but they will have much more colors now, up to 25% stronger lighting. No changes in the resolution of the screens as of now. Apple also says that the optimization will add more battery life around 2 hours on the smaller and 1 hour on the bigger model, and great news for people that like to watch videos on their phones is that it will have 2 stereo speakers one on its the bottom and one that will be on the front (the same as the one used to talk on the phone). The new iPhones will come with the iOS 10 operative system that brings allot of improvements compared to its predecessor.


And in the end the prices – in Europe iPhone 7 32GB will be priced at 759 Euros (649 $ in US), the 128GB model will be priced at 869 Euros (749 $) , and the 256 GB model will be 969 Euros (849 $). The bigger iPhone 7 Plus will start with 879 Euros for the 32GB model (769$) and go up from there.

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