Microsoft VR – VR on the budget

One of the biggest problems to people who want to try VR, especially for games, are its price and the system requirements that it needs to run at a acceptable frame rate. But soon, everything is going to change. Microsoft has just announced that their VR devices will be priced at around 300$, and that they will be able to work on much weaker machines.


This will affect the spread of VR users massively. Now , more users will be able to buy devices like these and use them on computers that they already have, this means that software and game developers alike will have much more space to work on.

Using Microsoft’s “Windows Holographic First Run” software, we have gained some really useful information on the PC specs that you will need to have everything running well.

Microsoft’s VR devices will work on any computer with a quad core (or a dual core CPU with two virtual cores) CPU, 4GB’s of RAM, USB 3.0 and support for DirectX 12. Graphic card specifications ware not mentioned but we do know that it has to have DirectX 12 support, thankfully there are many cheap DirectX 12 GPU’s on the market right now that can fulfill that request.


Virtual reality will be built-in to Windows 10, as a new part of its API called “Windows Holographic”. With a move like this Microsoft is hoping that they will be able to keep Windows 10 as the leading platform for VR.

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