Samsung Galaxy S8 will have “3D Touch” technology

It seems like every day we get new, “leaked” information on Galaxy S8, that is going to be one of the biggest Samsung releases to date, because it has to cover the hole made by Note 7. The latest information that we have claims that S8 will have a display that is pressure sensitive like iPhone.

This is one of the possibilities for Galaxy S8 that is not really going to be revolutionary but it sure is different from what Samsung has done before. 3D Touch is not only seen in iPhone but also in Huawei Mate S, that interestingly uses Samsung’s 3D Touch technology, and was the first phone with that kind of display. We expect from Samsung to integrate the best version of that technology into S8, and make it have more possibilities than any phone before.

Except 3D touch, S8 should bring even more improvements, like its screen size, its probably going to grow again to 5,7 inches for the smaller and 6,2 inches for the bigger model. Both of the models will have the Edge display, and there is some talk on the possibility of 4K resolution that is going to enable amazing experience in VR when you use Gear VR.


Naturally there are going to be some updates with the camera and of course the processor (most probably Snapdragon 830 and Samsung’s new Exynos CPU depending on the model), the border around the display should be nearly nonexistent like on Xiaomi Mi Mix. Also Samsung is developing a new digital assistant like Google Now (Assistant), Siri and Cortana, that should be more advanced than any other.

Either way, Galaxy S8 is going to be a big jump and will again make allot of noise on the smartphone market. S8’s release is expected in March or April next year.

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