Snapdragon 835 – the most powerful mobile CPU to date

Qualcomm already presented their new Snapdragon 835 chip, that is going to be the front of their business for the next year. But they hid all the specifications and the only thing we knew is that it was going to be made by Samsung and that it will have 10nm transistors. As always, leakage of information soon was released on the internet and now we have a clearer picture on one of the most powerful mobile processors on the market in the upcoming year.

Snapdragon 835 will like before be based on Kryo 200 architecture from Qualcomm, on which Snapdragon 820 was based on, the only difference being that its going to have double the cores (four power intensive and four power saving cores) and much more transistors. This should bring much better performance to the table, even more now when there are more and more Android games that utilize multicore processors.

Snapdragon 835 chip will be able to work with LPDDR4X-1966 RAM memory that is much faster, it will also work with super fast UFS2.1 flash disks for extra fast data saving and manipulation.


This chip will also receive a large upgrade when it comes to the GPU department with Adreno 540 that is going to be much faster than the Adreno 540, also if you are a 4G user there are some good news too as the X16 modem will become the part of the chip that will enable it to reach download speeds up to 1 Gbps.

Qualcomm is not stopping at the 835 chip, there will also be a new mid range chip called Snapdragon 660 (successor of Snapdragon 652 chip). The 660 will have four cores on 2,2 GHz and four on 1,9GHz it will also support LPDDR4X-1866 RAM and UFS2.1 flash disks, it will loose a bit when it comes to the graphics with the cheaper Adreno 512, and the modem will be X10 that is going to be a bit slower than its bigger brother. Snapdragon 660 will have 14nm transistors and will be built by Samsung as well.

These two chips will most possibly the leaders in the smartphone market for the next year, so we should expect them to be seen in many phones from many large and small companies. One of the first phones that we know that will have this CPU is Samsung Galaxy S8.

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