TOP 5 Useful Android Apps 2016 | vol. 1

No root Firewall

This is really great application for any android user. With this application you can control internet access to single application or game. For example: some apps or games going to update automatically when you will be connected to internet, not matter which connection did you use Wi-Fi or mobile data. With no root firewall you can control that, you can control internet access to every single application or game on your Android device. For example: you can block some application from mobile data access and you can enable just access over Wi-Fi. Now that application will be online just when you will be connected over Wi-Fi. But it also blocking internet connection to single applications or games will give you one really cool feature.


Get  NoRoot Firewall – Click here

Memory cleaner

We think this is one of the best RAM Memory clean applications. Before i start to use this application we always have used about 1.9 GB of ram memory, with this application RAM Usage drop to 1.5 or 1.6 GB. This application will make your Android really faster. We like this applications because it really works, and they have a clean and simple design, it’s free and No ADS.


Get Memory Cleaner – Click here

Here Maps

We think this is one of the best navigation App for Android. Here Maps are free and they work on offline without internet connection and No ADS,also Here Maps have more than 300 Million locations marked, transit directions in more than 950 cities and real-time traffic services across 44 countries and more.Here maps are available in more than 30 languages. Here Maps have a clean and simple design and that will make using this maps more simple and fast. Here maps have a few different navigations like Driving, bicycling and walking,and this maps are very accurate.



Get Here Maps – Click here for Android


Get Here Maps – Click here for iOS

Monect PC remote

This is really cool application and we think this is one of the most useful applications. Monect PC remote will turn your smartphone into many different remote controls using your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. With Monect you will have: wifi keyboard, mouse and many other game controllers like, xbox controller, controller for driving games, controller for shooting games, controller for fly simulator games, Grand Theft Auto 5 controller with on foot, in vehicle, flight controls and fast access to cheat codes.With Monect PC remote you can sit back and enjoy while playing your favorite game, listening a music or watching your favorite movies.



First will need to install Monect PC remote on your PC then on your smartphone, if have connection problems disable firewall or antivirus.

Get Monect for Android:
Free Version – Click here
Monect VIP – Click here

Monect for iOS – Click here

Monect for Windows smartphones – Click here

Monect for PC – Click here


Camera FV-5

This is really cool Camera application. Camera FV – 5 will give you some features like in DSLR cameras. That is: You can change and lock – White balance, Camera Focus, Light Metering. You can set Manual ISO, and manual control Exposure. Also You will have some cool additional features like taking Long Exposure photos. With this features you will turn your Smartphone into a really great camera.



Get Camera FV-5 – Click here ( Lite )

Get Camera FV-5 – Click here ( Full 3.29$ )


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