Top 5 Windows 10 Tips | 2016/2017

Windows 10 has been out for a while, and trough its updates it has made many quality of life improvements. Yet there are some that not many people know about, some because they are new and some because they just didn’t think about it. But today we are going to show you 5 simple  tips and tricks that are going to help you get even more control over your system.

TIP #1

This is a simple one , yet I can guarantee that not many of you though about it. To access your systems settings and options you will need to go to either Control Panel or the Settings window. And while this doesn’t matter that much to people who use their computers for only basic tasks ,its really helpful to power users like us that regularly change and edit our computers and their settings. So how do you access all of that easily ? Well its simple as right clicking on START. You will get access to everything and anything you need.


TIP #2

If you like to pin allot of programs on your task bar just so you can access them easier this is going to speed up the process even more. So lets say I want to turn on the “This PC” window. All I have to do is hold Windows + 1. The number corresponds to the place of the program you want to turn on. Lets say Autodesk Remake, its going to be Windows + 6, and so on and so on.


TIP #3

If you work on a project that uses multiple programs there is going to be a situation where you will try to get to the desktop (so you can get a file) without having to minimize all of the programs separately. So Microsoft has implemented a really fun way of doing so ! If you have multiple programs opened all you have to do is grab your programs title bar and shake it, every other window than the one you were using will be minimized.


TIP #4

Customize your Command Prompt (CMD). CMD has allot of useful options and can give you access to unimaginable things. Learning its basic controls can make you the master of your system and Microsoft really tried making it the most pleasurable code inserting, file modifying, PC destroying experience you can get on your computer!


TIP #5

This is not much of a tip as its an amazing part of Windows 10 that just doesn’t get enough praise. Since its release Windows 10 had the multiple desktop tab, giving you the multi system feeling on a single computer. And it works really well. Since the Anniversary update it has been made even faster and reliable. This is really something you have to start using to get the most out of Windows 10. And if you have a multiple monitor setup there really is no need to think about using it or not!


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